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Since childhood, I have been entirely captivated by the period of Modern Art. Thankfully, I was exposed to some of these pieces through books and museum excursions. My early favorites explored the use of paint that allowed my mind to explore their motivation and expression. That is where my interest in this series began. Also, as a reflection of our culture and the materials that I find paired in an interesting serendipity-like occurrence. In this series, I refer to as, two sides to every story,  I will explain further in this exercise. Go ahead and tear a magazine page out of your favorite pile of magazines on the coffee table. Hold it up to the window. What is on the far side that is now showing through the front side, correct? That now becomes my film for projection. I take the ability to manipulate those visuals further, reassigning them to cells of color and shape. These one-of-a-kind works on Cibachrome reflect the spontaneity of random occurrence. The concept is female strength and having one’s own life in the palm of their hand. This technique was used by another photographer on occasion, Robert Heinecken.